Facial Remodeling

Through this technique, the face is modeled, returning youth, naturalness, proportionality and firmness. Using substances or subdermal fillers (implants) that can be temporary or semi-permanent. Among the temporary or resorbable are calcium hydroxyapatite, tricalcium phosphate, polylactic acid and the most commonly used and that has the best characteristics is the Hyaluronic acid (is a natural component of our tissues and the dermis itself). This is found in various densities and degrees of crosslinking depending on the area to be treated and the type of wrinkle or volumetric correction that you want to make. Among the permanent ones is the polyacrylamide that has limited its use to certain parts of the face. Independently, isolated areas can be corrected, such as:

Increase of cheekbones
Chin augmentation
Lip augmentation
Correction naso genianos grooves, commissures, cheeks etc
Nasal rhinomodelation

When these therapeutic actions do not achieve by themselves the desired result, treatment can be taken into consideration “MANNEQUIN CLIP ”.

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