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Liposculpture is the extraction of subcutaneous fatty tissue using very fine cannulas and minimal incisions that do not require sutures. It is performed with a manual technique of remodeling or sculpting with precision, eliminating the fat in the treated area definitively, without scars or stitches and with local anesthesia.

It is a minor surgical intervention to eliminate localized fatty deposits. It is performed under local anesthesia in a hospital environment and on an outpatient basis. It is not a system to lose weight or lose weight but to improve body contour and stylize, that is, to model the body.

It must be well indicated so that the aesthetic results are optimal.

The compression garment will take 3 to 4 weeks. The incorporation to the socio-labour life can be carried out at 24 or 48 hours. The most requested areas are: Hips, abdomen, cartridge belts (trochanteric region), knees, inner thigh, back and ankles.

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