This treatment is revolutionary and "NON-Surgical" to eliminate double chin - double chin.

It consists of making small infiltrations in the area to be treated, for which it is necessary to follow a very strict procedure and technique in its application, as well as expertise and professional experience given the sensitivity of the area to be treated. The product to be applied is a drug " belkyra "whose active ingredient is" deoxycholic acid "that has been scientifically and clinically proven its effectiveness in the elimination of submental fat producing an" adipocytolysis "of fat cells.

The treatment is carried out between a minimum of 2 sessions and up to 5 sessions depending on the case, with an interval between approximately 28 and 30 days between each of them. The years of clinical research with this product allow us to conclude that it is an almost definitive treatment with very appreciable and satisfactory results.

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