It is a facial rejuvenation treatment of "minimally invasive" surgery that consists in the elevation of the mandibular-malar vector, that is, the elevation of the face in those cases of moderate flaccidity and where other therapeutic actions (threads, hyaluronic acid, dermal tensor, botulinum toxin). , etc ...) do not achieve by themselves the desired result but in combination with this technique, if they provide it.

Satisfactory and natural results similar to a mini-facelift are obtained. The postoperative period is mild and the rejuvenation is remarkable.

It is performed under local anesthesia with a small incision in the skin behind the scalp line in the upper temporo-antero-auricular region (the small scar is not visible). The small points are removed in a few days.

It is a safe, ambulatory technique that lasts approximately one hour and with an incorporation in the almost immediate social - labor life, which has been carried out for many years and which was a good impression for Dr. Jean Caux (creator of the golden threads. ) who was a teacher of Dr. Jesus Sierra.


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